Vox amPlug 2 - Clean Headphone Amp

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Immerse yourself in fat, boutique-inspired clean sounds with the Vox amPlug 2 - Clean Headphone Amp (AP2-CL). This headphone amp revolutionizes your practice sessions, delivering superior sound quality without disturbing others. With enhanced features and multi-effect functionality, the amPlug 2 is the ultimate choice for guitarists and bassists. Compact and convenient, it offers a truly immersive playing experience. Discover the AP2-CL and experience clean tones like never before.


Experience the ultimate in convenience and superior sound with the Vox amPlug 2 - Clean Headphone Amp (AP2-CL). This exceptional headphone amp revolutionizes your practice sessions by delivering rich, boutique-inspired clean tones while ensuring peace and quiet for your surroundings. Say goodbye to disturbing the neighbors or others around you, as the amPlug 2 provides an immersive guitar playing experience through your headphones.

The amPlug 2 takes headphone amplification to a whole new level. Its analog circuitry has undergone significant enhancements, resulting in an even more impressive performance. With three distinct modes available, this headphone amp caters to guitarists and bassists alike. Guitar models offer versatile multi-effect functionality, while the bass model includes a rhythm function for added versatility.

Convenience and ease of use are paramount with the amPlug 2 - Clean. Featuring a foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees, it easily adapts to your preferred position. The auto power-off function further enhances convenience, ensuring optimal battery usage. With its compact design, the amPlug 2 fits into any pocket or gig bag effortlessly, making it the perfect companion for musicians on the go.

If you're seeking fat, boutique-inspired clean sounds, the AP2-CL is your ideal choice. Unlock a world of captivating tones with this exceptional headphone amp from Vox.

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